Anthony Lam
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Personal Trainer


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BSc. Kinesiology Honours Co-Op (University of Waterloo)

Certified CanFit-Pro Personal Training Specialist

Society of Weight Training Injury Specialist

TRX & Kettlebell Instructor

Boot Camp Instructor


I help people to get the body they want. Side effects are feeling good, being stronger and looking better

My two conditions if I work with you are that: 1. you are committed 2. you are not an ass


My programs are completely tailored to the individual's lifestyle and goals.

In my programs, I incorporate functional training exercises paired with bodybuilding movements and concepts to improve overall athleticism and ideal physique. No meal plans or meal prepping required.



My expertise comes from studying human physiology, movement and nutrition in relation to strength, muscle building and fat loss for 5 years at University of Waterloo and my experience working with clients full-time since 2015. 

I continue my education by staying up to date on the latest scientific literature and train with some of the top natural bodybuilding & strength coaches as an athlete. 

The most important things to reach your goal is finding an approach that not only yields results but is sustainable, you enjoy (most of the time) and can commit to. 



Anthony is an amazing personal trainer. I love working out with him. He is very professional and he always reminds me that the only way to get stronger both physically and mentally is to work outside my comfort zone. Because of him I was able to get the confidence to overcome many obstacles and I'm very proud of that. I lost 10 inches from my belly and it is gone and firmer then ever. My colleagues congratulated me so many times, I love my results. I recommend him to all my friends and family.