How Donuts will help you lose fat

If you've been following me on instagram and facebook, then you know that every Wednesday is the Daily Donuts story time- that time of the day where I share my donut, what I've been up to the past week and sometimes a small rant. 

Obviously, donuts are not popular among personal trainers but I love them. They're part of my lunchtime routine. Get a coffee and a chocolate dip. Chill for 30 minutes and read my book. Peaceful and relaxing.

How can a trainer- a person who cares about health, fitness, performance and physique be eating donuts! Well before I developed my daily donut routine, I was a clean-eating freak. It was all about rice, chicken, broccoli and other unprocessed organic foods. I believed that healthy eating would reduce body fat and increase my performance in the gym. I mean look at all the top bodybuilders and athletes- the most in shape people on the planet with the #cleaneating #nodaysoff mentality.

I pushed on for 8 months. I said no to any pastries, drinks and many other delicious food because I cared about my physique over anything. It would be all worth my sacrifice soon I thought. Ironically, I made little to no progress in reducing my body fat. Eventually it started taking a toll on my willpower. I wanted to go out and be a regular person. I was sick of not making any changes. And eventually, I gave up. This clean eating lifestyle was draining me completely and made me give up on my fitness goals. 

Fast forward two years, I was introduced to Flexible Dieting- the idea that you can achieve your physique goals eating whatever you want but controlling for calories. Most people in general are good at eating healthy because we all know Mom's rules like eat your vegetables & fruits and drink water. Our main issue is controlling for calories and always thinking extreme is better. Extreme dietary restriction sounds like: no carbs, no fat, no meat or something along those lines. Personally,I found that restriction discouraged me from working on better health because I couldn't enjoy the fun things about food. The key is learning to become aware of calories and balancing healthy eating with treating yourself. No more depriving yourself of cravings- just practice a little moderation and with this method can treat yourself everyday! Hence, the daily donut.

The donut doesn't symbolize eat whatever you want but watch calories(commonly practiced in a diet protocol known as IIFYM: if it fit yours macros). Rather the donut symbolizes finding balance between mental and physical well-being. Similar to that of a work-life balance. Life can't be all about the gym. Don't forget, the reason why most people start working out was to improve quality of life OUTSIDE the gym! I Your training and diet should be sustainable in the long-run thus the donut movement is all about training and eating smart!

On a side note, a recent study came out comparing bodybuilders who took on either a flexible dieting approach or a clean eating meal plan approach for fat loss. The researchers looked at macronutrient (calories/macros) and micronutrient (vitamins,minerals) intakes. The study revealed that the female clean eating group consumed less calories, protein and other several micronutrients (vitamin K, vitamin E, folic acid, Iron, vitamin C, sodium, magnesium, fibre...) than the flexible dieting group! Yet they had about the same amount of fat loss. Males, not much of a difference maybe due to greater food intake.

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 Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power!