Heather's Transformation Story

Personal Note: So I decided to start writing again after consuming about 10 different business books in the past year and a half. Every book reiterated that writing is important to becoming a better communicator, marketer and overall professional. This what I strive to do; How can I make complicated fitness science more digestible to the general public? And, how can I make my articles detailed enough to help everyday people differentiate between good science and bad science? The blog should do the trick assuming I work on becoming a better and more consistent writer. To restart my blog, I’ve decided to feature my best instagram posts!

For my first post of 2019, I’m here to share my client Heather’s story. This was received well according to my instagram insights scoring higher on engagement, views and likes. It is recorded in a podcast like fashion where we cover Heather’s story, goal and exactly what she did to achieve such an amazing transformation. There are a lot of gems in here! We discussed training, thoughts on motivation, psychology and nutrition. I made this with the hope that it will inspire people who want to improve their physical and mental well-being.


Hi everyone! Today (Jan 2, 2019), I took my client Heather out for burgers to celebrate her fitness journey success! She transformed her body from 155lbs-125lbs in 8 months. I thought it would be cool to share how we did it, the challenges she faced, exercises we did and tips she would give to someone else with similar goals.