Alcohol & Weight Loss (Tips for drinking when dieting down)


Although I'm all for sustainability and anti-food deprivation diets- Alcohol and dieting don't mix well. Unsurprisingly, alcohol energy (7kcal/g) is a common contributing factor for weight gain in heavy drinkers. Anecdotally, the people that I train who identify as heavy drinkers usually have a hard time controlling their calorie intake. 1. Drinks never have nutrition labels making it difficult to track 2. After downing a few drinks, you most likely forgot how much you've consumed. 3. You decided "F my diet" 4. Post-alcohol munchies

On top of all this, 5. fat burning is suppressed in the short term. So all calorie consumption during and after a night of drinking is more likely to be shuttled into fat stores.

However, it is possible to still reach your weight/fat loss goals! An alcohol calorie is still a calorie. So if you stay in a calorie deficit by the end of the day, week, month or year - you will lose weight. 

If you plan on drinking alcohol during your diet, my top 6 tips would be to:

1. Save drinking for special events only 

2. Plan out how many drinks and post alcohol munchies before you go out

3. Consume light drinks to save calories. When mixing, use low calorie or zero calorie juice or soda. Or drink it straight like a boss!

4. If you're tracking macros: eat less carbs and fat to open up room for alcohol

5. Stay hydrated, drink water so you don't feel like crap the next day. From experience, bread never helped anybody when you're wasted WASTED. Save the calories if you plan on going hard.

6. If you do go over calories than what you originally planned, do not panic. Just get back on and continue digging.