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Somewhere along the line, the Russian twist went from great anti-rotation core exercise to a cardio abs exercise. I’m here to bring it back to it’s full potential!

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Exercise Tutorial: Lateral Lunge

The lateral lunge is a exercise to target the glutes and hamstrings. Although both feet are planted, it's more of a single leg exercise.

In the lateral lunge, you drive your hips back and put your bodyweight onto one leg. From there, I imagine pushing the ground away with the same leg im loading and thrusting the hips forward. The side you load, is the side of the glute you’re going to feel. You should feel a stretch on your other leg from keeping it straight as you lean.

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The Science Explained: Massage and Vibration Massage - Do they work?

Fearing the next day’s soreness and stiffness, I pull out my Hyperice Hypervolt which is a vibration massage device for your muscle. Basically a foam roller on steroids. The purpose of foam rolling, massage and other forms of soft tissue work is to reduce soreness, relieve hypertonic muscles (aka “tight” muscles and restore natural range of motion through mechanical pressure. After 5 minutes of work, my quads, hamstrings and calves felt relieved and I had a nice rest after that. No soreness the next day for deadlifts even though I haven’t played basketball in over 2 years. Muscle soreness or DOMS occurs due to a combination of microscopic tears in the muscle from an unfamiliar high-level work on the muscle and an accumulation of metabolites (byproducts of burning energy in the muscle for exercise). I thought to myself how strange and why I wasn’t as sore as I anticipated?

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VIDEO: Seated Row Tutorial

SEATED ROW TUTORIAL - The seated row is probably one of the first machines you used in a gym yet it’s still one of the most commonly butchered exercises. A quick flip to @gymfails and you’re bound to see someone using excessive motion. It’s a seated row, not a seated back extension. But i digress. Aside from that, there are harder to see mistakes like lack proper shoulder blade movement, range of motion and only using biceps.

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