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Somewhere along the line, the Russian twist went from great anti-rotation core exercise to a cardio abs exercise. I’m here to bring it back to it’s full potential!

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VIDEO: Seated Row Tutorial

SEATED ROW TUTORIAL - The seated row is probably one of the first machines you used in a gym yet it’s still one of the most commonly butchered exercises. A quick flip to @gymfails and you’re bound to see someone using excessive motion. It’s a seated row, not a seated back extension. But i digress. Aside from that, there are harder to see mistakes like lack proper shoulder blade movement, range of motion and only using biceps.

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Alcohol & Weight Loss (Tips for drinking when dieting down)

the people that I train who identify as heavy drinkers usually have a hard time controlling their calorie intake. 1. Drinks never have nutrition labels making it difficult to track 2. After downing a few drinks, you most likely forgot how much you've consumed. 3. You decided "F my diet" 4. Post-alcohol munchies

On top of all this, 5. fat burning is suppressed in the short term. So all calorie consumption during and after a night of drinking is more likely to be shuttled into fat stores.

However, it is possible to still reach your weight/fat loss goals! An alcohol calorie is still a calorie. So if you stay in a calorie deficit by the end of the day, week, month or year - you will lose weight. 

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