Anthony Lam
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PErsonal training / GROUP TRAINING


Personal Training

I make your goals my own. I specialize in strength and nutrition to help you become the strongest and best looking version of yourself in a timely manner. This includes a complete training program (including routines to be completed on your own if needed) and nutrition coaching (optional).






Group Training 

Lift weights, become strong and lose body fat with a team of like-minded individuals. Each person will receive a customized plan to be completed along other members. There is 1 trainer for every 5 members.

We prefer group training because we believe every person deserves individualized training to match their needs and goals. Unlike boot camps which are repetitive and lack purpose, group training will help you understand and execute on exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal in a cost-efficient manner.

All fitness levels are welcome! Many modifications are provided for beginners to advanced trainees. 

Please contact me if you are interested in registering



Working out with Anthony as a trainer has been very rewarding.  Not only did I lose weight and strengthen my muscles, I also learned to master the plank which I couldn't do in the beginning.  He is very knowledgeable about exercising and varies the work out we do from week to week.  Anthony suggests accommodations for those with movement restrictions and pushes the rest of us so that we can reach our potential.   He also knows a lot about nutrition and helps us set weekly goals so that we can live a healthier life style.  It was a pleasure having him as a trainer!



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